Three cold winter days in the blue mountains of Georgia, with Team Novo Nordisk - a type 1 diabetic professional bicycle race team - that was all the time we had to create video and stills for their whole marketing machine. From social media to large format presentation photos, to high resolution slow motion video for TV and web. It was brutal cold for the athletes, but they delivered perfectly ! The way these athletes inspire millions of diabetics worldwide is so infectious! That's why it was a cool surprise when Phil Sutherland, the CEO and founder of this team called me again after 10 years to work on the launch of their new campaign. 
My partner Amber McLinn and I created this campaign In-house from photography to directing to filming to editing to motion graphics. This is what marketing director Zach Monette said afterwards: " Poby and Amber are excellent collaborators and great at finding creative solutions on the fly. They make it "look easy" and the finished product always speaks for itself. "

One of 7 videos including interviews and action shots created at the same shooting.

After 6 months of posting new imagery and videos on social media channels the followers and likes increased dramatically. More than 1000 more likes on a single image !! The power of photography.

The quality of the photographs are such high res that they ware used for billboards too. This is a Billboard for TEAM NOVO NORDISK in France with athlete Quentin Valognes looking at himself.

Below is a very small selection of the over 1400 (!) retouched photographs we delivered to the team.

Phil Sutherland, CEO and founder of Team Novo Nordisk.

Peter Poby