WABI SABI | perfectly imperfect life

I am working on a long term project experimenting with imperfections in order to create my vision of perfection. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of a perfectly imperfect life, called Wabi Sabi. In a world of digital perfection, where each camera is programmed to ensure a perfect exposure - no matter what situation - it is a wonderful art form to create with large format analog film. Coming from analog photography and familiar with all the techniques and rules that comes with it, I am overjoyed to break all theses rules to create timeless photographs.

The photographs below are the first part of this series and are all captured with the legendary analog Linhof Master Technica 4x5 analog camera. I photographed out of focus on purpose, to reduce the whole image to the minimum. Just creating a feel, the captured situation radiated to me in that specific moment of time.
Tech Specs: Linhof 4x5 Master Technica with 135 mm lens. Fuji chrome RDP III ( PROVIA 100 ).

Portraits of Birge Amondson at battery Park, New York

Birge Amondson running at battery Park, New York

Portraits of Birge Amondson at battery Park, New York

Early morning skull rowing at Ammersee, Germany

Peter Poby