It is always wonderful to see your work being printed on a large scale and mounted to a whole building. Despite the outcry that print is dying and everything must be online, the city's landscapes are still influenced by large billboards. And that will not change that fast. Unfortunately I do not have images of all the billboards I photographed in the last years , because I never know where they will be displayed, so I am relying on my friends to first see and than take the time to capture them. Thank you Kathy and Sonia for these two. 

The Propel Water billboard showed below is currently in Chicago and Kathy was able to capture it when passing by in a cab to the airport . Pretty cool reaction time ! 

The images were created in Cape Town/South Africa and are part of a large campaign with 6 motifs. Below the you also find 4 of the 6 motifs. 

The next one was placed in Munich/Germany to cover up a long time building construction in the heart of the city. It was photographed for the Austrian Board of Tourism at original locations in the Austrian Alps. That sure wasn't an easy task  because we  had to find the perfect locations in certain counties to cover 10 motifs equally for each mountain area in Austria.  Photographed on an analog Linhof 6x17 Panorama camera with a Fuji Film to create a large digital file able to print such a large panorama billboard. No autofocus and only manual metering possible. Not even a test polaroid to check aperture and angles. You better come prepared.