In our fast pace world, social media selfies are a part of sharing our own world with everybody. It is also just another way to show our clients how we work and what we work on. It is part of our culture now. I have my roots in the old school world, where the attitude was: create cool stuff, but do not talk about how and where. Not to mention filming yourself while working on set. The motto: don't get distracted, don't miss shots and don't waste expensive time, when clients pay you for your work. That has all changed. And I totally understand that. People want to learn more about me and my workflow before they decide to work with me. 
So while we are currently working on a BTS video from our latest under water TV Commercial campaign for USA SWIM, I thought I should share some of the older images I found when clearing out my analog archive. Quiet some cool places to work.... Enjoy, and please forgive me when I am not always posting everything I work on. I really enjoy what I do and do not want to miss out too much and than simply forget to share. Life is beautiful!

Photographing a Marlboro campaign in Moab / Utah with manual focus on film.

Photographing a NIKON campaign on top of Mount Blanc in Chamonix/France

Finding my perfect close up angle to get the emotions while in full action. All from the front of a raft on Chilcotin River in Canada.

Inside a glacier crevasse in Switzerland to get a unique upwards angle creating a campaign for BIANCI mountain bikes.

Getting ready for a panoramic view action shot of climbers on the edge of Heaven in Moab/Utah.

6x17 Linhof Panoramic analog camera getting prepared for a landscape/action shot with insane blue colors and fast clouds in Whistler Mountain / Canada