The story behind the 2018 SYNCHNRO campaign 

Synchronized swimming  ( short: Synchro ) is one of the most underrated pro sports out there.  When asked, most people think this is just a little ballet exercise in water. Only few know that these athletes train up to 8 hours a day for performance routines that have complicated figures under and above water. Everything is highly choreographed and trained to the last detail. Years and years of hard ballet as well as water training is needed to come even close to the top. 

So, I was pretty excited when I came to meet the athletes of Arizona Dolphins. Their grace and power is just beyond  the everyday workout one does in the water. We blocked out the diving pool at Skyline Pool in Mesa and prepared it with a large 15x20 meter blue fabric back drop and set up the powerful Profoto strobes to create this timeless mystic feel in the photographs. An under water studio. We worked in a 15 ft deep diving pool for around 6 hours. The high discipline and joy these ladies brought into this production was just so contagious. Pretty cool side note: being with synchro swimmers, we had a powerful underwater speaker systems installed and could listen to perfect music during our photo shoot. And as you can see in the final designs at the end of this post, even the youngest are little stars under water.  I honestly can not wait to create more with these outstanding athletes. It was fun creating this campaign from concept, to photography, to final designs. Oh I want mentions that the little girl in the campaign at the end of this blog is my six year old daughter, Mila.

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 Arizona Desert Dolphins
2018 Campaign 

The final designs for the advertising campaign were created for posters, postcards, print as well as online. Pro athletes and kids campaign. All designs ©poby.

Peter Poby