Last year I was working on a JAGUAR campaign in combination with a three day action commercial shoot. Explosions, night shoots with long hours and all. It was lots of fun with almost no sleep. All that took place in the harbor area of Los Angeles. 
Then a couple of weeks ago Aris Piliguian from MINDSHARE Entertainment, NYC called me and asked me if I want to do a VOLVO lifestyle campaign. Since I was driving a vintage Volvo 220 station wagon (also know as Amazon) for more then 10 years, I sure wanted to be part of this campaign!  And off we went to Denver Colorado to photograph on location of a brand new Volvo dealership. All images are created with HMI, movie lights and special shallow depths lenses to create a cinematic look. Two days of fun creating, for sure. Please see below some of the images we created.

Peter Poby