Senior athletes rock. Period.  As a former pro athlete I do admire all the athletes out there that do their 'thing' and never give up, just pushing forward and upward. Again and again. Every day. Every week. Yet, I must admit that I do bow for the senior athletes, who go on and on despite that fact that it is getting harder and harder as one grows older. I have met so many seniors who decided, that this can't just be all and pushed forward and beyond their imagination when they were younger. Some of them even told me, that they weren't into sports until they passed their 40s or 50s and than just got up and started working out to enjoy life to the fullest. A happier life, full of adrenaline and joy. And some of them won't stop, even when they reach the 90s. And the wonderful part is, they get acknowledged more than ever before. There are not only Senior Olympics but advertising campaigns and commercials targeting this age group. So this is to all the active people out there, who never stop and just grow better and better. 

Peter Poby