There are so many workout trends coming out every day. And all of them claim to be the very best and most effective. The one I like the most is practiced by some of the best athletes I work with.  Work out in and under water.  Why it is so effective ?

Let one of the worlds best pro surfer, Laird Hamilton explain:  
"The underwater workout produces a deep level of exhaustion because it takes more effort to move through water. water si 800 times as dense as air, so it creates pressure on your body, which increases your blood flow. Its like wearing the tight compression clothing that's become so popular now in sports. There is a theory that being submerged enables your lymphatic system circulate at an optimal rate, doing in 24 hours what in a sedentary person could take three to five days. So spending time in the pool or ocean can help cycle and clean your body."

The images shown below were created with Alexia, who is one of the strongest fitness athletes I know. 

Peter Poby