My Fine Art Photography Collection is the complete opposite of what I do in my commercial work: slow, quiet, painting like, wide spaces. Discovering places while driving with my 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, I create painting like photographs with multiple exposures. I am using a large format analog 4x5 inch camera and analog film to create my photographs. The film is processed and scanned. The photographs are getting cleaned of dust and color adjusted. No other alternation is being performed. The final art pieces are oversized Kodak prints behind acrylic glass, floating on the wall. 

Jared Della Valle, architect, developer and art collector in New York about my 4x5 series: 
"We were looking for just the right art for our public spaces at 185 Plymouth/NY and found them with Poby’s ethereal photos of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Navy Yard. Both the multiple exposure and scale of these photographs draws you in and connects you to the industrial history of the Brooklyn waterfront. They remind me of why I fell in love with Brooklyn 20 years ago."

Poby Fine Art Newspaper with large photographs and stories behind. Download here. 

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Peter Poby