Ever since I started to experiment with my first Super 8 Camera way back in 1976, I became totally addicted of telling stories with a still or motion camera. Stories that show not only the obvious but also the soul of the person photographed. Back than the editing process was a bit different with cutting the real film and glue it together for the final piece. Nowadays this process is much easier and faster while editing on a computer with a special software. That opens up tremendous new possibilities and creative options. It became even more a true art form. And of course the filming changed tremendously too. I can instantly see what I just created and make adjustments on the go ( I was using an Arri Alexa camera for this video ). Yet the most important part for me is creating soulful pieces that shows the person or athlete not just as that, but exposing a tiny part of their deep soul. This is what even short videos are about. This piece was created at Venice Beach , CA. Although it was a very, very chilly winter day our athlete Annalaina performed perfectly and we all enjoyed creating these moments together.  I attached some behind the scene images before the video starts.  

And here is the final video

Peter Poby