Millions of people around the world love to play soccer. It is the biggest sport around the globe, with the most athletes and fans by far. Nothing compares to it. And every athlete has a different story. Photographing numerous Soccer World Cups, I have met many athletes and heard many stories. Than I met Brittani Bartok. We worked together on a Playtex Ad campaign about 12 years ago. Brittani was the most kick ass young athlete ( 14 years ) I had the pleasure to work with. There was no doubt she would be on teh top.  But she had to give up her dream to be a pro soccer player. Despite the fact that she has to throw up after 30 minutes of cardio raining, she still loves to go for it. Doctors could not find the reason for her condition. So Brittani made the best out of it. With all her connections within the profession women's game, she started a company called Soccersocial and travels across the US to produce videos and interviews, Vlogs and still images of a day in the life of a soccer player. Watch the video below and see how a training looks like in her reality. More to come on this special lady. #neverstop

Peter Poby