USA SWIM is a very special client for me. With my past as a pro waterpolo player in the German Team , I love to work with USA SWIM. But man, these guys need my full force. Every time we create together. There is no room for error, delay or weakness. This time it was the USA Olympic Swim Team I had to photograph for nine ( ! ) hours straight. You kidding me ?  I mean I can hold my breath, but again and again for that time period? I was under water with 28 athletes at the UCLA pool. Super fast pace and heaps of fun, but after that session, I wasn't even able to walk anymore.  Would I do it again ?  Hell Yeah !!!! Any time !

Below are some unique selects of this under water photo shoot including a new way to morph still images into moving, timeless dreams. More to come just right before the Olympic Games start in Rio this year.

Peter Poby