In front of a part of the Asphalt Green collage hanging in the Lobby on Upper East Side, NYC

Many people know that I have a pro athlete back ground, but only few know that I studied graphic, design and arts. Connecting these two worlds in my work will always be my goal.

More than three years ago I pitched an art project to the management of Asphalt Green, NYC . This is a non profit sports facility that has a strong connection to its community. The idea was to a create large collage to showcase the history as well the daily activities that make Asphalt Green so unique. After going through all historic imagery as well as pictures I took during the last ten years for their advertising and marketing team, I worked together with my post producer Christian DiNaoli to stitch all the different images together. More than 100 layers were needed to adjust all images and alter them so they can be woven together to one large impressive collage. Finally this July, two large prints mounted behind acrylic glass were mounted in the lobby of the Upper East Side and the Battery Park facilities. I cam to check it out and was really really happy to see the final prints ( printed and mounted by Duggal, NY) hanging where I envisioned them three years ago. 

Here is a link to a more detailed blog post on the Asphalt Green website: 

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Peter Poby