And then there are these texts from clients you just do not get on a daily basis. Barbara Sanders, publisher of SNOW: "Hi P, do you have time for a story in mid June?" Me: "Uhm, I have an option with another client who might be able to move the dates a bit, what is it about ? "  Barb: "Alaska, story about an exclusive heli ski lodge, called Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Heli-skiing and fishing Salmon. They call it  Kings and Corn."   Me: "Let me check with client." Barb: "Extreme skier  Amie Engerbretson is the model."  Me: "I am in ! "

Luckily, my other client wanted to shift their photo shoot to the end of June anyway, so I was able to go to Alaska!  What a trip that was ! Best summer heli ski conditions and a perfect mountain crew awaited us. I packed my gear as compact as possible, to be most flexible on this photo shoot.. Than I met up with Amie, with whom I had the pleasure to have worked before. Amie is a true pro and fun to create cool photographs with. We enjoyed Tordrillo Lodge to the fullest with insanely good food, perfect ski conditions and fun salmon and trout fishing. Needless to say that one can reach the lodge only by flying with a water plane. Its about and hour and a half north of Anchorage in the most beautiful landscape one can imagine.  If you have have the chance and the budget ( starts at U$ 13k for 6 days) to ski in Alaska, you MUST book Tordrillo Lodge. Seriously, bucket list material.

Peter Poby